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We wish all of our customers a prosperous 2014 and we look forward to supplying you with more great products.

Star Jigsaw Team



Star Jigsaw provides a wide range of fantastic fireworks, everything from fun-loving sparklers to the most astonishing barrage show available.

Audience experience is very important to us!  That's why we "maximize" every firework effect to ensure that we deliver a night of spectacular enjoyment every time.

"Home-Sweet-Home!"  Safety is a major priority, so please make sure that you always follow the safety instructions on each firework. We take great pride in the production of these family fireworks and follow many rules & regulations to deliver a quality product making them safe for all families. The "CE Mark" is always more than just a label.

Please take the time to browse our website and you will find "factory prices" is just a click away!



The "Barrage Show" range has been carefully developed to allow the customer to remove the lids easily and leave the barrages inside the holding tray offering a very stable unit when the firework is being fired.  No chance of the product falling over.